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Brain Challenges

If you want to exercise your brain and flex your 'cerebral' muscles, then this is the page for you.

Problem No. 3

This is a problem solving activity, Weigh It Up, which uses a set of scales and a variety of shapes. All the shapes have different values and your task is to work out how much each shape is worth in order to balance the scales.

There is a 'practice area' where you can make up your own problems, add and remove objects, and work out the values. In the 'question area' you are presented with a series of questions. From the sets of balanced scales you have to work out how many additional objects need to be added to the scales to make them balance.

Weigh It Up


Problem No. 2  Triangles All Around

How many different triangles can you draw on a circular pegboard which has four equally spaced pegs?

What are the angles of each triangle? If you have a six-peg circular pegboard, how many different triangles are possible now? What are their angles?

How many different triangles could you draw on an eight-peg board? Can you find the angles of each?

You may like to use the interactivity to try out your ideas. Half the challenge is working out how to use the elastic bands on the interactive!

Triangle interactive


Problem No. 1

Visit Logic Game 1, Pet Mix-up, and solve the problem.

Logic games are great fun and this website has a huge range of interactive problems to solve.

Logic game