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Great educational websites

The websites below are recommended by our staff as being useful for your child to practise knowledge and skills covered at school. Please note, websites sometimes change content and access ... the websites below were appropriate and relevant at the time of publishing.



Literacy websites

 Name                   Good for years ..  Brief description
Starfall K-2 Phonics practice with various reading activities
Scholastic Kids 3-6 Grammar practice - prefixes and suffixes

 Launch Pad

 Launch Pad: Where Young Authors and Illustrators Take Off!

All Launch Pad is an online publishing venue that selectively publishes the works of young authors and illustrators between the ages of 6 and 14. Written works accepted for publication are assigned to young artists to illustrate, resulting in highly unique and creative publications. Launch Pad welcomes submissions of original stories, poems, and book reviews that have not previously been published. Young artists are encouraged to submit samples of artwork to be considered as illustrators. Launch Pad retains the copyrights for works that are accepted and published. Launch Pad is an open access publication, and does not charge any submission or publication fees. Launch Pad has been publishing the works of talented young authors and artists, from the United States and internationally, since 2007.






Numeracy websites

 Name                Good for years ..  Brief description
Math Bingo 1-6  Bingo game reinforcing basic operations
Math Man Jr. 2-6 Addition practice through a Pac Man style game.



Other websites worth using ...




 Name               Good for years ..  Brief description
National Geographic Kids 2-6 Videos, games and activities on a variety of topics
Chess for Kids 3-6 Teaches children how to play chess, from the basics to tournament rules
 Dance Mat Typing  K - 3

Learn keyboard familiarity and finger positioning as you work your way through 12 different typing lessons. Animated characters and dances are triggered by your very own ten fingers." Four levels starting with new beginner.






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