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Before and After School Care

Mini Miracles Out of School Hours (OOSH) services at Warnervale Public School

Mini miracles


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Mini Miracles works in partnership with Warnervale Public School to provide Out of School Hours services to the school community.

OOSH is open from 6:30 am to 9:00 am, and then from 2:30 pm until 6:00pm daily. We drop kindy kids to their classroom each morning, and collect all kindy kids from their classrooms to prevent them from getting lost or wandering off. All other children make their way to our assembly point outside the school hall where they are marked off our daily list so all children are accounted for.

We offer a 2 course breakfast for children arriving before 7:45 am, and a 2 course afternoon tea, organize a homework club and provide art, craft and structured sports games on a daily basis. If your child is enrolled for after school activities, we will ensure that afternoon tea is saved for them for when they arrive after their tennis / soccer / other activities have finished.

Vacation Care and pupil free days will see us open from 6:30 am until 6:00pm. We provide all meals including breakfast, morning tea seconds, lunch, 2 course afternoon tea and late snacks.

All staff employed by Mini Miracles are fully qualified and have a wealth of experience behind them. They are passionate in ensuring that your child enjoys their time at OOSH thereby ensuring that parents can leave their children with us happy in the knowledge that their child is being well cared for, safe, and occupied!



In order to ensure smooth daily operations, we ask that parents respect the following policies listed below:

1. Parents must sign their child in and out each session

2. Parents must contact OOSH by voicemail or text if their child is going to be absent on a day they would normally attend OOSH

3. Non - prescription medications will NOT be administered under ANY circumstances. This includes Panadol, Nurofen and herbal medicines.

4. Prescribed medications will only be administered after parents have completed our medication form on the day the medication is required.

5. Emergency contacts listed on your child's enrolment form MUST be people other than the child's parents, and must be able to collect your child in the event of an emergency.

6. HALF FEES only will be charged if a child is going to be away during school term and we receive at least 2 weeks notification of their absence.

7. HALF FEES will also only be charged if your child is away from school AND OOSH for 3 or more consecutive days with a communicable disease, AND OOSH have been notified on day one of their absence.

8. Vacation Care bookings will be taken mid way throughout each term, with parents being charged for the days they book. Cancellations received less than 2 weeks prior to the commencement of Vacation Care will STILL BE CHARGED.

9. Children exhibiting dangerous or consistently aggressive behaviors will be placed on behavioral management plans developed in conjunction with their parents and teacher. If immediate improvement in their behavior is not shown alternative child care arrangements may need to be organized.

10. Children can only be collected from OOSH by their parents or the emergency contacts nominated on their enrolment form. Siblings at high school under the age of 16 CANNOT collect the child, and emergency contacts will need to provide a photo ID at time of collection.

11. Kindy children are dropped at their classrooms each morning and collected from their classrooms each afternoon to prevent them wandering off.

12. Every effort is made to ensure that all children booked to attend each afternoon actually arrive at OOSH! However, if your child decides to catch the bus home / go home alone / go to a friend's place , then OOSH is NOT responsible for their actions and are unable to leave the school premises to look for your child, as we have a responsibility to the other children remaining at OOSH. After all efforts to locate a missing child have been exhausted, OOSH will contact police to assist with searching for them.

13. Asthma and anaphylaxis plans, supplied by your child's GP, MUST be provided before your child starts at OOSH. Epipens and asthma pumps must also be provided and will remain at OOSH for the duration of your child's enrolment.

14. Afternoon Tea has to cater to a range of cultures, tastes and nutritional requirements, and is designed as a SNACK only. Because Mini Miracles are also nut free we ask that parents do NOT provide any additional foods that may contain nuts, Peanut Butter or Nutella.

15. Parents are expected to make appropriate arrangements to collect their child in the event that their child becomes sick whilst at OOSH and staff contact them to collect early. We are NOT set up to cater for unwell children, and endeavor to minimize the spread of infections at all times.

16. Whilst we operate at above staff:child ratios, there may be the occasional accident / incident where an ambulance is required. If this occurs, parents will be contacted immediately, and the cost of the ambulance will be borne by the family. OOSH staff will remain with your child and travel to the nearest hospital with them if necessary, until such time as a parent arrives.



Fees for before school care are $19.50

Fees for after school care are $25.50

Fees for Vacation Care are $60.00 plus excursion / visit costs

Parents are eligible to receive weekly child care benefit and child care rebates to reduce their fees.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your account is paid on a regular basis. We have a direct debit system only that occurs every fortnight on a Friday.

A condition of your enrolment will be to provide credit/debit card details in the event that your account becomes overdue, and if we need to deduct fees from this account an additional 1.5% transfer fee will be charged as well. However, we do not automatically take money from your account.

We are aware that many families live from week to week and need to be able to manage their finances, and unexpected events occur to sometimes prevent this from happening. 

Feel free to contact Roxanne at roxy_911_1989@hotmail.com if you are having financial difficulties and require an extension on your fee payment.


If your child is away on a day that they would normally attend OOSH, it is VITAL that you leave a message on the OOSH phone letting staff know…..otherwise staff panic when they can't find your child! Please don't email, as we may NOT receive the message in time.

Children who are absent for 3 or more days due to a communicable illness such as mumps, chicken pox etc will only be charged HALF FEES. Families who take time off during school term and who provide at least 2 weeks notice of their intention to be absent will also only be charged half fees to retain their position at OOSH. All other absences are charged at normal rates.


If you are unhappy with anything that occurs at OOSH you have the right to raise it immediately so the situation can be investigated and to ensure it doesn't happen again.

Parents are asked to raise any concerns directly with the service Coordinator, or you can email me at roxy_911_1989@hotmail.com 

I will then deal with the issue and provide you with an update as to what has been done to ensure whatever your concerns was has been answered and resolved.

We would like to think we have a great rapport with all families utilising our services, and rely on your feedback to ensure we are meeting the needs of the school community at all times.